AppEmpire Emperor Edition (App Empire 2.0)


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AppEmpire Emperor Edition (App Empire 2.0)

AppEmpire Emperor Edition (App Empire 2.0)

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You look like someone who’d be interested in my “AppEmpire Emperor Edition”


This is my vintage App Empire course (no longer available to the mass market), with some new video trainings I’ve recently added. Consider it a visual playbook for turning your app business into an app making powerhouse.
Here’s what you’ll get:
The exact tools and hardware you need for development … and they’re all easy to find, even if you’re not a software engineer. (Module 1)


How to effortlessly find the profitable niches, keywords, and ideas that are guaranteed to sell. Understand this and you’ll never struggle with entering new markets. (Module 1)


How to navigate the tricky back ends of the Apple and Google Play. (Module 1)


How to do marketing like the pros (and beat out your competition). (Module 2)


How to understand your customer and guarantee they’ll keep buying from you again and again. (Module 2)
Creating consistently popular apps and avoiding common stupid mistakes that everyone else makes. (Module 2)
Building an app business plan that will last you for years. (Module 2)
Need to know code? No way! Here’s the fast and easy method for hiring a reliable developer to build your app for you. (Module 3)
How to guarantee you hire people who always hit deadlines. (Module 3)
How to design and test your app … and make sure it’s not buggy BEFORE you ever launch. (Module 4)
How to beat the tricky algorithms in the App Store and predict future trends so your app enjoys a long lifespan. (Module 4)
What happens if your app is rejected? Here’s how to quickly deal with pushback from the App Store. (Module 4)
Everything you ever wanted to know about keywords and App Store Optimization (ASO). We include all the best strategies AND execution methods to boost your app to the top of iTunes and Google Play. (Module 5)
The 10-step blueprint system to market a bestselling app, and common marketing mistakes you need to avoid like the plague. (Module 5)
App Marketing 101: download strategy, App Store optimization, ads, social media, PR, offline marketing, blogs, and email lists. This is like a mini MBA for the app industry. (Module 5)
The step-by-step process for launch day. (Module 5)
How to keep your fans happy and keep winning new customers. (Module 6)
How to use systems to collect data on the market and your customer base (so you can avoid making stupid decisions that kill your profits). (Module 6)
Tiny adjustments that can turn your app into a bestseller (and how to know when it’s time to pull the plug on your app). (Module 6)
The secret language of app reviews: how they affect your rankings and how to ask customers for reviews that build your traffic. (Module 6)
Monetization “ninja tricks” and how to maximize your profits even with free apps. (Module 7)
How to build a network of powerful allies you can go to anytime for advice. (This alone can net you six to seven figures.) (Module 7)
How to perfectly price your new app. (Module 7)
How to sell (or buy!) an app business for a tidy profit without adding more time to your day. (Module 8)
The hidden mechanics of buying and negotiation in the app business. (Module 8)
How to make money with sponsorships. (Module 8)
How to make bestselling games even in a saturated market. (Module 8)

… and lots more!

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