Anodea Judith – Manifesting A Dream Through Your Chakras


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Anodea Judith - Manifesting A Dream Through Your Chakras

Anodea Judith – Manifesting A Dream Through Your Chakras

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Do you have cherished dreams for your life – things that would make your heart feel truly fulfilled – that you have never been able to realize?

Are you tired of simplistic, gimmicky and ineffective approaches to manifestation that tell you all you have to do is visualize something and it will
come into being?

Then you are in the right place.

For too many years, we’ve been sold a version of the creative process that removes essential steps in the name of simplicity.

We’ve been told that we must “think and grow rich” and magnetize what we want or that we just need to unlock the secrets of visualization.

There is an element of truth in all these methods of creation, but by trying to make the process of manifesting TOO easy, they have sabotaged the success of far too many people. They can leave us feeling discouraged when our visualizations fail to manifest or our magnetic attraction efforts lead to bankruptcy.

You see, mindset and visualization ARE important elements of an integrated, balanced and grounded approach to manifestation, but they must be paired with many other elements: passion, heart, networking, speaking, planning, enrollment, finances and plain old effort.

Creating doesn’t just happen by magic – making something POOF into being – but it CAN happen in a more graceful, aligned and easeful way, if you learn to work with all the levels and steps of the natural creative process sequentially.

Too often, when we aren’t able to manifest effectively, it leads to stress or feelings of failure. Instead of learning to manifest more effectively, we may turn away from our deeper calling. And we pay a real price for giving up on our dreams.

The benefits of learning a better method for manifesting are well worth it:

  • You develop a clear, solid and repeatable approach to creating what is most valuable to you, whether that is a project that expresses your passions, a business that fulfills your soul’s plan, a book that shares your heart, or a non-profit that serves the underserved.
  • You transition from being a visionary who is ahead of your time to an entrepreneur who is creating results (and solid profits).
  • You move from being an ungrounded dreamer to being a leader that people respect.
  • You shift from feeling like you are spinning your wheels to feeling truly empowered to sculpt a life of beauty, wisdom and abundance.

The key lies in understanding HOW your body, mind and soul are naturally wired to create. When you align with this inner template and follow the stages in the right order and use the right leverage points, it requires much less effort and produces more joy and energy than it consumes.

Yes, you are still “working” on what you are creating but you experience that work in a heightened state of flow, even seeing obstacles that arise as part of the natural unfolding of your dreams.

An Integrated, Natural Approach

With the Manifesting Through the Chakras program, you have an opportunity to learn an integrated, holistic approach to creation that is grounded in the design of your body and far more effective at creating real results as well as financial success.

It’s about using nature’s blueprint for how the process of manifestation actually works by following the energetic template of your body, emotions, mind and soul.

You can apply this approach to anything, from getting a job to growing your coaching practice to writing a screenplay.

Literally EVERYTHING that begins with a dream, vision or idea can be empowered with this method.

The secret lies in the chakras – an ancient map of our energy centers that has been the foundation for millions of yoga practitioners, spiritual seekers and healers, and which has proven its validity for growth, healing, grounding and opening to higher consciousness.

The chakra system is not only a map of our energy body, though. It’s also a template for creation that shows us that it is not enough to simply think a new idea: We need to design it, voice it, give it form, share it, empower it, enliven it and ground it in solid plans.

In other words, we create by bringing energy and attention DOWN through the chakra system, beginning with the crown but moving all the way to the root level, where things take solid, financially sustainable form.

We start with the highest level of our being – our soul, our connection to the Divine or our deepest guidance – and naturally hone an idea, vision or goal by bringing it down through the energy centers, empowering and infusing it with the qualities that are required to get real traction in the world.

The truth is that it takes ALL the steps of the chakras: vision, reflection, inspiration, heart, power, passion and muscle to birth a new possibility for our lives.

Most people think of the chakra system as an upwardly mobile map for ascending to higher levels of transcendence, seeking the jewel of the crown chakra at the top.

Few people realize that in the ancient texts, the chakra system also represents a process for condensing consciousness into the many levels of manifestation that we experience as reality. This descending current of consciousness takes us back down to earth and brings our dreams into reality.

Other approaches to manifestation tend to take one step of the process and make it seem as if that’s the whole story. That’s why these single-strategy methods so often fail to deliver real results.

Birthing something new in your life requires systematic work. Only it’s not about working hard for its own sake, but working in alignment with the blueprint for your soul – so that you are not wasting effort, time or money by creating at odds with yourself or nature.

That’s what you have the opportunity to learn with the world’s #1 bestselling expert on the chakras, Anodea Judith.

During the Manifesting Through the Chakras program, she will teach you a clear, potent set of skills and practices for creating your most cherished dreams with grace, mastery and beauty.

The specific step-by-step system offered in Manifesting Through the Chakras has been carefully honed and clarified over a decade of teaching and it has proven to deliver results – just keep reading for some of her glowing student reviews.

As you learn and apply Anodea’s insights at each stage of the creative journey, birthing your most heartfelt dreams will become more fluid, joyful and successful.

With Manifesting through the Chakras, you’ll gain the building blocks for manifesting based on your deeper calling as well as lifelong tools for removing and transforming the stumbling blocks along the way.

It will set your manifesting powers on fire, enabling you to generate results for any project or vision you aim to create.

During this 7-module journey with Anodea, you’ll learn:

  • A step-by-step systematic roadmap to the manifestation process that can be used for any dream you have
  • Vital tools for transforming common blocks to manifestation that occur at each chakra level, from limiting beliefs to handling distractions, to fear of commitment
  • Enjoyable ways to make manifesting your dreams more fun for all concerned
  • How to mobilize your social network for finding just the right relationships to support your visions
  • How to keep your will focused and on track with your prioritized plan and purpose
  • Clarity in how to identify, visualize and manifest your most important dreams
  • Clear strategies that allow you to befriend and eliminate the negative voices within
  • Skills in enrolling other allies in your dreams
  • Greater energy and vitality from aligning with your Divine source
  • An ability to gracefully move through the inevitable obstacles and resistance that arises
  • Lifelong goal-setting skills where you know exactly how to break large projects down into manageable chunks
  • Deeper awareness of where you create barriers within yourself – and how to overcome them
  • Inspiration and support to manifest your soul’s calling

Anodea has sold more than 500,000 books and DVDs over the years and built a top reputation as a practical teacher for a reason: Her methods work. They are grounded in our bodies, sophisticated about our psychology and aligned with our souls.

Her teachings are part of the new blueprint for our world.

During this crucial time on the planet, we are being asked not just to seek liberation and transcendence, but also to bring higher realities down through us to literally co-create Heaven on Earth.

By fully igniting your passion and skills to create the life you’ve been imagining for yourself, you become a catalyst for this birthing in your own life and with your unique gifts.

What You’ll Learn in These 7 Modules

In this 7-module transformational intensive, Anodea will guide you through her time-tested techniques for aligning yourself and your projects with the natural, organic process of creation.

Each teaching, discussion and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to manifest clear, consistent results for any project or vision you wish to create.

Each module there will be specific exercises and practices to strengthen each area and keep you on track with your vision.

Whether your dreams are personal or global, for a business or a community, this course will help you condense and clarify your ideas and keep you on track through a step-by-step process. You can then apply these steps to anything you want to create, alone or with others.

Module 1: Opening to Higher Consciousness to Create Heaven
on Earth
(Recorded October 14)

The Manifesting Through the Chakras journey begins at the level of pure consciousness (Crown Chakra) where you connect with Source and begin to receive your inner guidance and inspiration.

In your first session with Anodea, you will learn:

  • How the crown chakra of pure consciousness is where everything begins with an idea or thought
  • To harness the power of emptiness by seeing how everything you create begins in the Infinite
  • How to cultivate a receptive state and open to the grace and guidance that’s readily available to you
  • How to make your mind fertile to the conception of ideas
  • The process for clarifying your intentions and zeroing in on the ideas that hold the most meaning for you
  • A potent exercise to examine your limiting beliefs and the obstacles holding you back from manifesting what you really want

Module 2: Vitalizing Your Vision and Removing Obstacles in Your Path (Recorded October 21)

In the next phase of your manifestation journey, you will learn to bring the light of inspiration downward to your third eye (Brow Chakra) to crystallize it into a clear vision and focus your intention.

In module two, you will learn:

  • The nature of the brow chakra of vision and how to use your intuition to clarify your life purpose
  • A clear process for identifying your big dreams in twelve distinct areas of your life
  • How to activate your visionary capacity and “laser-light” a clear path to your future
  • How to recognize obstacles before they stop you and gracefully move through the pitfalls that occur
  • How to design something intelligently so that it can meet the challenges that arise at lower chakra levels

Module 3: Giving Voice to Your Vision and Eliminating Negative Self-Talk (Recorded October 28)

Once you have learned how to crystallize and design your inspired idea, the next stage of the process is to bring it down to your communication center (Throat Chakra) so that you can find the right words and symbols to express your vision clearly and effectively. Developing this skill is essential to enrolling others in your dream, which is part of weaving it into the fabric of reality.

In module three, you will learn:

  • A deeper understanding of the throat chakra of communication and expression and when and how to communicate your vision to others
  • How to dialogue about your vision and use that feedback (whether positive or negative) to maximize the creative process and refine your intentions
  • One of the most effective ways to enroll and inspire others into your vision
  • An easy and fun goal-setting process to keep you on track and achieving “wins” along the way
  • How to befriend and eliminate the negative voices within

Module 4: Bringing Heart to Your Work and Relationships for True Co-Creation (Recorded November 4)

After you have found the best way to express your vision you enter the realm of relationship (Heart Chakra) to find the right partners and allies to help bring your inspired ideas into the world.

In module four, you will learn:

  • About the Heart Chakra and how the key to fulfilling your dreams is having the right relationships in your life
  • A potent practice to cultivate the most important relationship in your life (Hint: look in the mirror!)
  • How to align your dreams to be in service to the greater good
  • How to create your very own “dream team” and build a supportive network for your visionary process
  • How to harness the power of co-creation and find collaborative others to give flight to your dreams

Module 5: Enhancing Your Power and Strengthening Your Will to Get
Things Done
(Recorded November 11)

Once you have established your network of supporting relationships, you begin to focus your will (Power Chakra) to consolidate your energy and bring laser-like focus to the specific goals and tasks necessary to translate your vision into reality.

In module five, you will learn:

  • How to use diamond-like energy of the Power or Will Chakra in your body to stay focused and in action, so you can move beyond just dreaming and visioning
  • A highly practical process for breaking goals down into specific and measurable tasks
  • How to tap into the energy of action to prioritize tasks and accomplish them one at a time, every day
  • Specific and personal ways to “empower up” and make your energy and reserves bigger than your obstacles
  • How to re-balance your power by claiming your will and experiencing the role focused action plays in keeping your energy strong

Module 6: Activating Your Passion and Pleasure to Move Your
Dream Forward
(Recorded November 18)

After you have consolidated the power of your will, you then begin to cultivate your life-force energy (Sacral Chakra) and passion to generate momentum and attract the final resources you need to manifest your vision.

In module six, you will learn:

  • How to use your creative and sexual energy center to fully manifest your dreams
  • A new way to understand the so-called “Law of Attraction,” among other universal laws, to call in what you need in each moment
  • How to activate what brings you the most pleasure and use that energy to move forward everyday
  • The role of “feeling your way in the dark” and how your senses can help you make course-corrections along your path
  • How to make the manifestation process a truly fun and joyful experience for yourself and others

Module 7: Becoming a Master Manifestor Who Brings Dreams Down to Reality (Recorded November 25)

Once you have cultivated sufficient momentum, you then trust your gut and follow your instincts (Root Chakra) to take the final steps in the “real” world to birth your intangible vision into physical reality.

In session seven, you will learn:

  • The importance of grounding your body in order to solidify your dreams
  • How you can tap into your instincts of the Root Chakra to manifest your vision
  • How to work with money in a way that creates real abundance
  • How to concretize your plan and joyfully commit to tasks and deadlines
  • The key to realistically addressing each step along the way
  • How to complete each step and not leave out any pesky details until you’re done
  • How to fully receive what you have created, celebrate your journey and enjoy your results, which enhances the attraction of other blessings

The Manifesting Through the Chakra Bonus Collection

In addition to Anodea’s transformative 7-module virtual course, you’ll also receive these powerful training sessions with world-leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions are being offered to further complement what you’ll learn in the course – and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

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