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Andrew Harvey - Igniting the Flame of Prayer

Andrew Harvey – Igniting the Flame of Prayer

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Receive initiation into the ancient science and practice of sacred prayer from the world’s esoteric traditions to illumine your body, commune more deeply with the Divine and help birth
heaven on Earth.

We live in very privileged times, where all of the world’s great spiritual traditions and practices are now available at our fingertips.

If you’re like many spiritual seekers in the West, you may have been drawn to explore the popular, Eastern techniques of meditation and yoga and think of them first when you think of “spiritual practice.”

However, such a stance overlooks the profound Western approaches of contemplation and prayer that we have inherited – practices that can liberate you in ways meditation and yoga may not.

The reason you may not take prayer as seriously as a spiritual discipline is that very few people have ever been taught how to pray, let alone shown the deeper esoteric science and transformative power of evolutionary prayer.

Perhaps you haven’t yet been initiated into the power of prayer by real masters, much less learned the full range of prayer technologies that are available to you.

If you’ve been raised in a Judeo-Christian faith, you have most likely been guided to pray in a “petitionary” way – to ask God for some type of favor. You may have been taught to pray for “forgiveness,” or maybe to ask God to help you with a spiritual problem or earthly desire.

But have you ever really learned how to pray? We mean, in a way that transforms your consciousness and elevates you into a higher, more transcendent state of being? That opens a real, daily intimacy with God – something you can feel, savor and rely on during the inevitable challenges of life?

Prayer is, more than anything, a deep dialogue with the Divine, much as you would establish a relationship with a lover; it’s about a progressive meeting on deeper and deeper levels of communion, which can bring great ecstasy, peace, love and a profound power to bless and heal the world.

So many people have “thrown the baby out with the bathwater” in their dismissal of prayer as a deeply transformative spiritual practice. This is one of the great spiritual tragedies of our times.

Because of this, the radical, illuminating power of prayer may very well be the most common, but least understood, spiritual practice in the world today.

Transforming Through Evolutionary Prayer

One reason that many cultures underestimate and underuse prayer is because most of the time we are simply praying for ourselves. When we truly glimpse the magnificence and splendor that is revealed to us through evolutionary prayer, our souls are ignited in a wholly new way.

The evolutionary technology of prayer, when done correctly, not only speeds up your own growth, but also accelerates the awakening of the Divine within humanity – helping us to bring more of heaven back down to Earth.

It opens an incarnational journey in which you are manifesting more divine presence in your thoughts, words and deeds.

At its essence, prayer is speaking to God – nakedly, shamelessly – from the depths of your heart. When you really start to experience prayer in this way, you’ll become overwhelmed by the incredible joy and empowerment of this divine relationship – of being deeply and passionately loved and attended to.

With evolutionary prayer, you have a simple and profound way to connect with your divine nature… with your Beloved. And once you discover this true intimacy, your life will gradually be transformed to a higher, more resplendent state – one of sacred union.

Even though many esoteric practices of prayer have been quietly protected by saints and holy ones for millennia, the planetary crisis that we now face necessitates that all who are ready must learn them – not only for ourselves, but for the sake of our world.

Prayer is actually one of our most powerful tools for personal and planetary change, IF we wield it well.

Fortunately, there is a very gifted teacher that has been called to reveal the transformational secrets of prayer, and in doing so, is blazing a trail back into the sacred heart of the mysteries hidden within the depths of the world’s mystical traditions.

That man is the renowned mystic-scholar-activist, Andrew Harvey.

You may know Andrew as the prolific author of over 30 books and spiritual classics, including The Essential Mystics, The Son of Man and The Heart of Yoga – but if you haven’t read his work or heard him speak, prepare to be amazed.

Andrew is one of the world’s leading sacred scholars, as well one of the most inspired and illuminating speakers on the subject of esoteric spirituality and mysticism. He’s also one of the most popular Shift Network teachers with his profound teachings on The Christ Path and The Way of Passion.

Andrew believes that the world is at a precipice, and it is time to reclaim our most potent and effective spiritual technologies to avert our crises, and transfigure ourselves and our world.

He knows that the ancient technology of prayer holds the essential keys for our individual healing and collective awakening, and he’s dedicated to bringing its depths and wonders to you so you can incarnate more of the Divine.

A Full Spectrum of Prayer Practices

In Andrew’s view, it’s time for the world to embrace a full spectrum understanding of prayer – one that includes all dimensions of this powerful technology for birthing your divinity.

Prayer is not one-dimensional. There are a wide variety of ways to pray – from mantric prayers to prayers of silence, from “dangerous” prayer that offers deep surrender to God, to prayers of protection. Each has its liberating power to offer, so you can cultivate a full “prayer toolkit” that helps you navigate your daily life with greater centeredness, calm, love, stillness, passion and wisdom.

Through prayer, Andrew shows that you can discover the Christ Consciousness within you, and within all things – and to thus, embody the divine human… literally marrying heaven with Earth. That is the real solution to the struggles of our times.

Andrew’s teachings are not just for Christians, though, for he has been a deep scholar of many traditions. His teaching of prayer is appropriate for Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, pagans, the “spiritual-but-not-religious”… really anyone who is on a path of growth, transformation and service. He will be sharing prayer practices from Hinduism, Buddhism and Sufism as well as those from Abrahamic faiths.

This is why we are so excited to offer this groundbreaking 14-module course with Andrew Harvey, entitled Igniting the Flame of Prayer. To the best of our knowledge, it’s the first time that a truly global, liberating, mystical, in-depth approach to prayer has been made available as a virtual course.

During this transformational training, you will dive deep into the esoteric mysteries of prayer and the mystical pioneers who have taught us how to harness its power to embody more divinity in our daily lives.

You’ll emerge with a far more powerful, nourishing, liberating and radically intimate, prayer practice that sustains you, day by day.

If you’re ready to rediscover the profound beauty and transformative potential hidden within the daily practice of prayer – this training was designed for you.

A Powerful Initiation into Your Divine Nature

Igniting the Flame of Prayer is more of an initiation or a rite of passage than a typical online course.

During the 14-module journey, Andrew will illuminate many myths about prayer, and challenge cherished assumptions about religion in general. He’ll bring forward truths about radical embodiment, relationship and the birth of the truly Divine Child in you.

Andrew is a wild and and often provocative truth-teller who is willing to rattle the cages of limiting beliefs you may have, and call you into profound service. His passion can become a gateway to your freedom as he calls you beyond your current blocks and concerns.

If you’re fixated on bliss alone, or escapism, or any form of fundamentalism – this course is definitely not for you.

However, if you are on a spiritual path with an open heart and mind, and are looking for a more embodied, real and full-spectrum teaching to awaken your full divinity – then this course is perfect for you. It will resurrect your relationship with the transformative power of prayer, and show you how to integrate it into your daily life.

Over this 14-module virtual intensive, Andrew will guide you through the core fundamentals and practices to awaken and embody your divine nature… amidst the pressures and challenges of your daily life.

Each class will begin with teaching and prayer transmissions from Andrew, and then leads into live, intimate spiritual mentorship – with Andrew addressing your challenges, responding to questions and opening his heart-wisdom to speak into your deepest yearnings. He will allow his “soul-knowing” to speak and move through him in service to your awakening, as well as share how he has passed through many mystical gates with the practices you’ll be learning.

In Sufi lineages, this is called “sohbet” – the meeting of student and teacher in a kind of holy communion of naked truth-telling and ecstatic surrender. Every lineage recognizes the power when “two or more gather” in worship, and thus, this immersion with Andrew will offer a sacred meeting between sincere and committed seekers who want the full initiation into the Divine that these prayer practices bring.

This immersion will take you to depths of spiritual wisdom that you barely knew existed, as well as bring you into heartfelt communion with the teachings and practices of some of history’s great saints, sages and seers.

In the Igniting the Flame of Prayer training, you’ll:

  • Learn the essential tools to accelerate the divinization process, and experience a clear vision of how the evolution into divine humanity unfolds.
  • Reconnect with the heart-centered teachings of the greatest mystics in history, and understand how to act in alignment with sacred love and wisdom in the world.
  • Engage in prayer practices of heart, mind and body that you can apply each day so that divine love and wisdom act through you to transform the world.
  • Gain a powerful practice of evolutionary prayer that can sustain you, liberate you and ultimately divinize you.

We feel blessed to offer this groundbreaking 14-module course as a liberating, mystical approach to prayer – all made available to you in your home. You’ll emerge with a far more advanced, powerful, nourishing, liberating, and radically-intimate, prayer practice that sustains you, day-by-day.

What You’ll Discover in These 14 Sessions

Each teaching, contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to build a powerful practice of evolutionary prayer and deepen your understanding of the profound beauty and transformative potential hidden within the daily practice of prayer.

Module 1: Igniting the Flame
Awakening the Sacred Power of Evolutionary Prayer (Recorded January 8)

You will:

  • Understand the nature of prayer and how it can help to heal our individual and collective crises.
  • Discover the different kinds of prayer necessary to birth the divine human.
  • Cultivate the spirit of humility and adoration in which prayer needs to be grounded.
  • Learn how to focus the aim of your prayer into a prayer for the divine birth.
  • Experience the rapture of living in sacred love for all things as a prayer to the Beloved.
  • Discover a new, more comprehensive vision of how prayer can work in an evolutionary context.
  • Learn how you can develop a direct relationship with your hidden divine Self.
  • Deepen your prayer practice to experience higher guidance and accelerate your evolution.

Module 2: The Mantric Prayers
Invoking The Universal Language of Light
(Recorded January 15)

You will:

  • Learn the most immediately effective form of prayer to align your whole being with the divine presence.
  • Discover why all the mystical and shamanic traditions use variations of mantric prayer to facilitate transformation.
  • Experience sacred mantric prayers from all traditions – Jai Ma (invoking full glory of the mother in Hinduism), Jesus prayer (Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us), La ilaha illallah (Sufi mantra), plus many more.
  • Align with full divine presence – immanent and transcendent – and embody love consciousness.
  • Focus your prayer through syllables of divine power and build love intensely in your heart.
  • Discover the sacred technology of mantric prayer, which involves emitting a divine light from the heart and being answered by the light of the Godhead.
  • Experience those 2 lights coming together in your heart, which over time gives you a profound sense of love and divinity.

Module 3: The Prayer of Centering
Evoking the Divine Presence in the Core of Your Being (Recorded January 22)

You will:

  • Discover how, by using just one word, you can focus the full force of your heart on the aspect of the divine presence that this word evokes.
  • Learn the sacred 3 words – God, Reality and Love – and how to use them in centering prayer.
  • Experience the sacred reason for creation and the love force at the heart of evolution.
  • Center your attention on the essential aspects of your divine nature.
  • Discover a very simple and effective way of re-aligning yourself when you feel stressed, exhausted or resentful.
  • Open to the power of grace to elevate you to a place of lightness and generosity.

Module 4: The Prayer of Adoration
and Surrender

Dissolving All Boundaries in Exaltation of the Godhead (Recorded January 29)

You will:

  • Turn your whole being, in love, to God, so that the Divine can irrigate, irradiate and transform you.
  • Experience the prayer of adoration, as it deepens and becomes more and more resplendent with awe and infinite gratitude for the majesty of the Divine.
  • Understand the deep connection between the birth that is taking place and adoration of the Godhead.
  • Surrender to the divine law and commit to protect the human race and world.
  • Learn to deepen the prayer of adoration into absolute surrender to the Beloved.
  • Experience St. Francis’ prayer, interpreted in a universal mystical context.
  • Surrender to the ordeals and rigors of evolutionary transformation.
  • Open your heart in adoration to the Creator of the cosmos so that your whole being can be attuned to it.

Module 5: The Prayer of Divine Protection
Dispelling the Forces of Darkness with the Power of Pure Light (Recorded February 5)

You will:

  • Address the reality of darker forces in a spiritually mature, rather than escapist, way.
  • Experience the power, passion and peace of divine protection.
  • Understand how to protect yourself from the many inner and outer forces that do not want the divine birth to take place.
  • Learn how to recognize these forces, make them conscious, and suffuse them with divine light.
  • Discover the prayer for protection of the Creation, so that you become a guardian from your own greed, madness and violence.
  • Experience the prayer of forgiveness for everything you’ve done, allowing yourself to feel mercy and ultimate forgiveness.
  • Deepen your connection with the Earth to become more and more grounded.
  • Invoke from the Divine the prayers of radical protection – the prayer of breastplate of St. Patrick, and the presence of Christ before and after putting on an “armor of love.”
  • Learn the great prayers of the prophet Mohammed, who understood the role of dark forces and the real need for protection from them.
  • Discover the most potent prayers of protection of yourself, your loved ones – and our world.

Module 6: Dangerous Prayer
Casting All Illusion and Limitation into the Fire of the Holy Spirit (Recorded February 12)

You will:

  • Discover how what is called “dangerous prayer” has been practiced in all of the secret chambers of the great mystical traditions – which helps you go beyond fear into a more limitless and free relationship with the Divine.
  • Truly know the esoteric truth behind why you must die in order to be reborn into love – so that you can be an instrument of the Divine.
  • Learn to pray dangerously for yourself, and surrender to the law of that rebirth.
  • Experience the thrill of this kind of prayer for creating deep excitement to live the story of your divine Self.
  • Discover the power of intercessory prayer to overturn systems of exploitation and transform politicians, animals and other human beings.
  • Source the full power of prayer from within to accelerate transformation on all levels.
  • Learn to harness the unconditional use of prayer to bless and heal beings in crisis.
  • Embrace the power of dangerous prayer to reach the next level of transformation and gain strength to make the next level of sacrifice.
  • Mature your soul in the fires of mystical passion to be able to pray in this way.
  • Purify yourself of your fantasies and illusions, so that the Divine can flood you with its all-transforming grace.

Module 7: Abiding in the Prayer of
Sacred Silence

Basking in the Peace and Spaciousness of
Your True Nature (Recorded February 19)

You will:

  • Experience the ultimate way of being refueled through bathing in the essence of the Godhead – the great silence and the great peace.
  • Abide in the prayer of quiet with no words, and experience the descent of grace, in which just enough of you is left in order to be able to breathe adoration at the core of your heart.
  • Learn how to breathe with the breath of mercy that permeates all things.
  • Understand the difference between meditation and silent prayer, and put the distinctions into practice.
  • Discover how the prayer of quiet initiates you into the fathomless depths of love in the Godhead – and allows you to drink in the great bliss and peace of that Godhead in the mind and cells your body.
  • Dive into the ocean of divine love consciousness that is the prayer of quiet, where the divine human can draw enormous reservoirs of strength and compassion for the world and the birth.
  • Experience the deep silence of the loving heart and allow that silence to fill you with its power, peace and strength.
  • Understand how to weave together the many prayer practices that we have explored into an effective daily practice of evolutionary prayer.
  • Discover key principles for discerning what practice of prayer is most helpful in what circumstance.

Module 8: Taking the Next
Evolutionary Leap

Bringing the Sacred Presence into Our Cells
(Recorded February 26)

Andrew believes we are on a precipice as a planet, choosing between a dark descent into ever-more destructive cycles of greed, or into a more luminous future in which we create a wholly new level of divine embodiment. As we do this, we can become catalysts for the creation of a generous, just and caring world. To make this leap, we need to release our addiction to transcendence, and open to the kind of radical, divine embodiment that will suffuse the heart, mind and being with greater intelligence. This is what many think of as the “Christed Self.”

You will:

  • Receive a vision that is both transcendent and immanent – unifying passion and peace.
  • Clearly understand what becoming transfigured or Christed really means in terms of the irradiation of our cells with a higher sacred force.
  • Begin to unify your mind and heart into one vessel for sacred practice, so a new level of conscious embodiment and power can be born.
  • Learn from the profound mystical openings and insights of philosophers like Aurobindo, Ken Wilber, Father Bede Griffiths and Jean Gebser.

Module 9: Waking Up the Divine Body (Recorded March 5)

In this module, you will learn the advanced 7-part “Body Prayer” derived from major mystical traditions and yoga. It offers you simple positions that enact the whole path of embodiment – reaching up first to transcendence, then being consciously resurrected in the light, and finally, going out into the world as an emissary of that new evolutionary truth. Repetition of this body prayer forges you as a being who is able to stand in your center and peacefully transform the world.

You will:

  • Bring higher octaves of consciousness into your body.
  • Understand how to integrate the evolutionary journey with embodiment.
  • Open to a deeper experience of your body and its power.
  • Incarnate a deeper level of presence in your everyday life.
  • Link your embodiment to your passion and your service in the world.
  • Find out what mystics like Rumi, Hafiz and Meister Eckhart discovered about the stages of waking up the divine body.

Module 10: Growing the Golden Body
Activating the Divine Mother in Your Cells (Recorded March 19)

In this module, we will focus on the esoteric science of activating Shakti in your cells – the “Mother Force” – in a way that leads to the growing of what mystics call your “Golden Body.” This body represents a higher expression of your normal physical body, and advanced prayer practices will literally baptize you into this body.You will:

  • Learn how to specifically call forth and incarnate more of the Mother Force in a way that grows your subtle body.
  • Invoke a cocoon of protection and support to allow this inner alchemy to unfold.
  • Begin with your crown chakra, and call in light that suffuses and irradiates your body in a sequential way.
  • Understand more of the Eastern and Western mystical lore around the development of this golden body and its connection to depictions of halos around saints.
  • Learn the prayer practices that baptize your cells with this feminine light force.
  • Use Hindu practices of visualization to open a devotional relationship with the Divine Mother.
  • Taste what it will be like to live in a unified force field of embodied transcendence.
  • Integrate the understandings of Sri Aurobindo, the Gnostic Jesus and Teilhard de Chardin around this golden embodiment process.

Module 11: Preparing the Marriage Bed in the Heart (Recorded March 26)

This module will focus on the centrality of the heart in your journey into divine embodiment. The real sacred alchemy can only truly be accomplished through an open, ecstatic and illumined heart. It is where transcendence and immanence meet – the place where the dance of opposites becomes harmonious.

You’ll learn:

  • Prayer practices that concentrate the force of love in your heart to become an intense and focused beam – like a laser.
  • How to use the heart’s integrative capacities to speed up your evolution.
  • An advanced teaching on how light and transcendence transform love to matter.
  • The pathway to opening the sacred heart as compassionate love, making possible the marriage of heaven and Earth.
  • How to reconcile opposites and dualities in your heart.
  • An esoteric practice to open your heart to the Beloved.

Module 12: Opening the Ecstatic Golden Sun in the Heart (Recorded April 2)

This module will take you deeper into the mysteries of the heart’s spiritual capacities – specifically opening a higher “Golden Sun” that is connected to ecstatic union with God, as well as the Golden Body of Module 3. You will undertake practices derived from Hindu Tantric practice that aim to awaken your heart as an immense sun with boundless capacity to shoot out rays of power in all directions.

You’ll learn:

  • Breathing exercises and mystical syllables that lead to the awakening of the heart.
  • How to invoke divine Shakti power as you imagine the Golden Sun becoming wilder and wilder.
  • The process of directing the rays of the Golden Sun toward the parts of your own body that need healing and transformation.
  • A practice to visually irrigate the whole of your being with the fire of the heart – and then extend it to help and heal others.
  • The keys to conscious irradiation: training the fire of the Golden Sun on different aspects of your physical being, enabling you to experience the secret ecstasy of all of your cells.
  • A vision of how the whole of your body can become a supernova of sun cells.
  • Understand the advanced insights of mystics such as Sri Aurobindo, Father Bede Griffiths and Robert Powell in this process.

Module 13: Embodying Compassion Through the Heart’s Alchemy (Recorded April 9)

This module prepares you to focus, funnel and embody your loving compassion as a sacred activist – particularly focusing on the Tibetan practice of Tonglen, in which you use your heart to compassionately transmute negative, dark and destructive energies. The force of unbound compassion is, according to Andrew, the strongest force in the universe. As you integrate this force in a deeper way, you will become wiser, calmer and steadier – more awake to the powers given to the divine human for working directly in partnership with God in addressing very dangerous realities.

You’ll learn:

  • How Tonglen works with the force of unbounded compassion, so that you don’t have to confront the horror directly, but work on the alchemical forces that make up the situation through the prayers and imagery.
  • Mystical practices that enable you to shift the forces that are blocking your progress from within, rather than through direct confrontation.
  • How to navigate encounters with dark forces in a clear and grounded way.
  • Ways to develop greater heart strength to engage a suffering world.
  • To receive the wisdom of the mystic Shanti Deva and study the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.
  • To practice the complete Tonglen cycle (from self to being an agent of worldly transformation), which allows you to become a more luminous sacred activist.

Module 14: Transforming Heartbreak into Sacred Activism (Recorded April 16)

This final module will ground you in the core practices necessary to become a resilient sacred activist – able to transform the inevitable heartbreaks that occur on the path of compassionate action.

You’ll learn:

  • How to responsibly engage the education of your heart through being shattered by suffering.
  • Skills for navigating suffering that allow you to keep your heart alive, vibrant and buoyant throughout the witnessing of suffering.
  • How to prevent heartbreak from overwhelming and paralyzing you, and instead allow it to guide you to where you’ll be most powerful in your chosen cause.
  • Why it is essential to follow your heartbreak – instead of following your bliss – to illicit your mission and the power to do something about it.
  • The practice of unconditional love and compassion in groups.
  • Be initiated into the greatest bliss of your life by opening to your mission, embodying it and experiencing the joy of enacting it.

The “Igniting the Flame of Prayer” Bonus Collection

In addition to Andrew Harvey’s transformative 14-module course, you’ll also receive these powerful training sessions with Andrew and some the world’s leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions will complement the course, deepening your understanding and practices.

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