Amish Shah – The Project 2015


Amish Shah – The Project 2015

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Amish Shah - The Project 2015

Amish Shah – The Project 2015

Price: $297
You Just Pay: $47
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Amplify your creativity, intuition & mind power…
Magnify your wealth & success…
Reclaim your holistic wellbeing…
Access your deepest levels of consciousness & spirituality…
And elevate yourself, your community & your planet.
All in just a few minutes a day.

Experience the transcendent fusion of ancient wisdom and space-age science with the Project:Yourself home training course.

This simple metaphor could put your whole life into perspective:

Thousands of years ago, nobody knew what the sun was or how it worked.

To some it was a God. To others it was a planet. Some thought it was an illusion.

Opinions were divided. But no matter how people chose to interpret the sun… everyone still benefited from its life-sustaining warmth.

The sun still helped their crops grow. It still nourished their skin with vitamin D.

Of course today we’re privileged to know the sun is a star.

But what if I told you that just like the sun was a functional mystery to our ancestors… there are other sources of human empowerment we’re still not yet fully aware of? Or that we just flat out misunderstand?

Sources that could elevate you to a higher plane of existence… if only you had the guidance to tap into them!

With every breaking discovery that’s made in the field of human potential, the truth becomes clearer:

Many ancient tools and practices for the mind, body and spirit that have been used by various civilizations for thousands of years…

(The kind many today would call “primitive” or “woo-woo”)…

Are now scientifically proven to be immensely effective and surprisingly accessible solutions to overcoming the most urgent problems you face daily.

Problems like the stress and anxiety of having too much to do, but too little time…

Frustrating obstacles that sabotage your financial and career aspirations – from the volatile economy to your own self-destructive thoughts & habits…

Not having the time or energy to nurture rewarding relationships…

Fragile health and illnesses that leave you feeling worried and vulnerable…

And even that longing to reconnect with your long-lost purpose and highest self.

Yes, life in the modern world can be challenging – but the incredible discoveries being made worldwide carry a hopeful message. For instance…

  • The human energetic ecosystem known as the 7 chakras, an integral part of Hindu and Buddhist tradition, is starting to gain acceptance in the scientific community as a valid phenomenon – and a way to systematically improve different areas of your life. Scientists like Dr. Valerie V. Hunt of the University of California have found radiation emanating from the body areas traditionally associated with the Chakras* – while numerous studies show the chakras corresponding with vital nerve bundles connected to the brain.
  • You may have seen the hundreds of studies on how meditation can help you relax. But every day, science is finding new, deeper benefits to this ancient mindfulness technique. For instance did you know that when practiced in a specific way, meditation also strengthens your DNA, protecting you against illnesses and unwanted habits? Proper meditation can also be more effective than drugs in overcoming depression, and even enhances your brain function, dramatically boosting your memory and learning.* Is there any wonder even some of the world’s biggest companies, from Apple to Nike to Aetna, are starting to make meditation a part of their corporate culture?
  • The pineal gland, an organ revered by numerous ancient cultures as mankind’s “Third Eye” and the “Seat of the Human Soul”, has gained much professional interest in recent years. Scientists like Dr. Rick Strassman* have found that it secretes not just mood-defining serotonin and melatonin chemicals, but also DMT: a psychedelic hormone closely related to near-death and spiritual experiences. And through specific mind-body practices, it’s possible to stimulate this chemical in your pineal gland, triggering profound states of higher consciousness.
  • Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has created a special Ministry dedicated to education and advancements in ancient remedies like yoga and ayurveda. Modi himself starts every day with yoga, and declared an international yoga day* in September 2014. 130 countries now back this initiative!
  • Even the simple act of breathing, which many ancient cultures created elaborate rituals around, is now scientifically proven to do more than just keep you alive. Studies* now show that learning to breathe in a specific conscious way melts away stress, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, regenerates brain cells, and get this – even alters the genes controlling your immune system and metabolism.
  • The world is starting to wake up…

And so if you’re not making full use of ancient wisdom like this in your daily life… you’re missing out on a wealth of transcendent benefits!

How am I so sure? Because a rapidly growing body of the world’s smartest people – from doctors to scientists to billionaire entrepreneurs – are using it right NOW to manifest incredible outcomes in their lives and for the planet.

And then there are my own life-changing experiences.

My name is Amish Shah. I’m an entrepreneur, a spiritual explorer and founder of a 100,000-person strong movement known as Project:Yourself.

And I’ve spent the past two decades traveling the world… interviewing experts… and being a human test subject for a wide variety of tools and theories in the fields of mind, body and spirit.

From mind-bending wisdom in ancient scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas and the Yoga Sutras…

To tools rooted in space-age mind science, technology & quantum physics…

To experiments by by ahead-of-their-time thinkers like Napoleon Hill, Buckminster Fuller and Nikola Tesla…

To dormant abilities in our minds and bodies, and natural phenomena that profoundly influence the human experience…

I’ve dived into subjects most scientists or even spiritual teachers would never explore in their entirety! And that’s how I can prove to you that…

99% of us are still stuck from becoming the inspiring creators, leaders, entrepreneurs, lovers, friends, parents and philanthropists we aspire to be…

Because we’re not harnessing the SOURCE of our human power in the most effective way.

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