All Things Overages – Overage Bootcamp 2021


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All Things Overages – Overage Bootcamp 2021

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Overage Bootcamp

Learn all the working knowledge and practical skills you need for a successful Overage business. In our Standard Excess Proceeds Bootcamp, you’ll find templates, worksheets and screenshare, How-To videos to take you through the process step-by-step. See Course Contents below.

What’s included?

 16 videos  30 files


Video Modules
 Video Modules: Quiz
 Module 1_Overview of Excess Proceeds
 15 mins
 Module 2_Knowledge Checklist
 10 mins
 Module 3_Business Model and Payment Structure
 23 mins
 Module 4_Differences_Distinctions – Lien States vs Deed States
 16 mins
 Module 5_Workflow for Tax Foreclosure Overages
 16 mins
 Module 6_Finding Lists_Tax Sale Overages
 9 mins
 Module 7_Analyzing Tax Lists_Finding Missing Info_Tax Records Search
 24 mins
 Module 8_Analyzing Tax Lists_Finding Missing Info_Tax and Court Records Search
 34 mins
 Module 9_Workflow for Mortgage Foreclosure Overages
 15 mins
 Module 10_Analyzing Private Mortgage Sale List
 29 mins
 Module 11_Analyzing County Mortgage Sale List
 16 mins
 Module 12_How to Use Checklist and Interviewing Lawyers Templates
 11 mins
 Module 13_How To Use Sample Agreements
 10 mins
 Module 14_How to Use Sample Power of Attorney
 5 mins
 Module 15_How to Use Sample Initial Contact Letter
 3 mins
 Module 16_How to Use Sample Worksheet
 11 mins
Editable Templates
 3_Knowledge Checklist_Overage Business.docx
27.2 KB
 4_Interviewing Lawyers for Overage Business.docx
19.3 KB
 6A_ SAMPLE_Post-Foreclosure Agreement_Overages.docx
22.7 KB
 6B_SAMPLE_Beneficiary Locator Agreement_Overages.docx
19.6 KB
 6C_SAMPLE_Limited Power-of-Attorney_Overages.doc
47.5 KB
 6D_SAMPLE_Authorization to Release Information _Overages.docx
13.2 KB
 12_SAMPLE Call Script_Overages.docx
18.3 KB
 16_SAMPLE Letter_Unclaimed Funds_Initial Contact.doc
34.5 KB
 17_SAMPLE_Worksheet to Track Mortgage Foreclosure Leads.xlsx
194 KB
PDFs of Course Materials
 1_General Overview of Excess Proceeds.pdf
118 KB
 2_Minimum Knowledge Needed for Overage Business.pdf
101 KB
 3_Knowledge Checklist_Overage Business.pdf
142 KB
 4_Interviewing Lawyers for Overage Business.pdf
213 KB
 5_Should You Use Assignments or POAs.pdf
155 KB
 6A_ SAMPLE_Post-Foreclosure Agreement_Overages.pdf
109 KB
 6B_SAMPLE_Beneficiary Locator Agreement_Overages.pdf
109 KB
 6C_SAMPLE_Limited Power-of-Attorney_Overages.pdf
61.4 KB
 6D_SAMPLE_Authorization to Release Information _Overages.pdf
66.3 KB
 7_Working Tax Sale Overages – DEED STATES.pdf
198 KB
 8_Working Tax Sale Overages – TAX LIEN STATES.pdf
208 KB
 9_Step by Step Workflow for Tax Overages.pdf
160 KB
 10_Step By Step Workflow for Mortgage Foreclosures.pdf
169 KB
 11_Skip Tracing for Overage Business.pdf
166 KB
 12_SAMPLE Call Script_Overages.pdf
90.1 KB
 13_Overage FAQs_Helpful Questions and Answers.pdf
113 KB
 14_QUICK REF_Glossary of Terms_Overage Business.pdf
144 KB
 15_Crash Course to Starting Overage Business.pdf
212 KB
 16_SAMPLE Letter_Unclaimed Funds_Initial Contact.pdf
86.5 KB
 17_SAMPLE_Worksheet to Track Mortgage Foreclosure Leads.xlsx
194 KB
 18_BONUS_Resources for Marketing Your Business.pdf
124 KB

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