All Things Overages – Advanced Overage Bootcamp 2021


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All Things Overages – Advanced Overage Bootcamp 2021

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Advanced Overage Bootcamp

The Advanced Overage Bootcamp is designed to help you find Mortgage Foreclosure Overages, which tend to be larger amounts but more difficult to find.

This Course will teach you step-by-step in 24 Video Modules:

  • How to Research Property Records.
  • How to Locate Relevant Documents such as Deeds.
  • How to Read/Analyze Documents for Important Information.
  • How to Crunch Your Own Numbers to Calculate Overage.
  • How to Use the County Clerk’s Websites to find Notices of Sale.
  • How to Use the Tax Office Websites for further research.

What’s included?

 24 videos  24 files


Video Modules
 Vid 1_Adv Bootcamp_Primer.mp4
 23 mins
 Vid 2_Adv Bootcamp_Overview and Workflow.mp4
 15 mins
 Vid 3_Adv Bootcamp_Analyzing Private Mortgage Foreclosure List.mp4
 29 mins
 Vid 4_Adv Bootcamp_Analyzing County Mortgage Overage List_AZ Example.mp4
 15 mins
 Vid 5_Adv Bootcamp_Refresher_Using Worksheet.mp4
 18 mins
 Vid 6_Adv Bootcamp_Calculating Overages_Intro to TX.mp4
 35 mins
 Vid 7_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_Wilco TX_Lesson 1.mp4
 34 mins
 Vid 8_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_Wilco TX_Lesson 2.mp4
 36 mins
 Vid 9_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_Wilco TX_Lesson 3.mp4
 15 mins
 Vid 10_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_Bexar TX_Lesson 1.mp4
 27 mins
 Vid 11_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_Bexar TX_Lesson 2.mp4
 13 mins
 Vid 12_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_Bexar TX_Lesson 3.mp4
 21 mins
 Vid 13_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_Nueces TX.mp4
 26 mins
 Vid 14_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_Denton TX_Lesson 1.mp4
 29 mins
 Vid 15_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_Denton TX_Lesson 2.mp4
 19 mins
 Vid 16_Adv Bootcamp_Intro to Colorado_Adams County.mp4
 19 mins
 Vid 17_Adv Bootcamp_Reearching Records_Colorado_Other Counties.mp4
 37 mins
 Vid 18_Adv Bootcamp_Intro to Nevada_Lesson 1.mp4
 31 mins
 Vid 19_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_Nye NV_Lesson 2.mp4
 15 mins
 Vid 20_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_Lyon NV_Lesson 3.mp4
 25 mins
 Vid 21_Adv Bootcamp_Intro to North Carolina.mp4
 48 mins
 Vid 22_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_NC_Lesson 2.mp4
 28 mins
 Vid 23_Adv Bootcamp_Researching Records_Durham NC_Lesson 3.mp4
 19 mins
 Vid 24_Adv Bootcamp_Tips for Using Provided Templates.mp4
 30 mins
Downloadable PDFs
 1_General Overview of Excess Proceeds_ADV.pdf
121 KB
 2_Minimum Knowledge Needed for Overage Business_ADV.pdf
117 KB
 3_Knowledge Checklist_Overage Business_ADV.pdf
145 KB
 4_Interviewing Lawyers for Overage Business_ADV.pdf
217 KB
 5_Should You Use Assignments or POAs_ADV.pdf
156 KB
 6A_ SAMPLE_Post-Foreclosure Agreement_Overages.pdf
109 KB
 6B_SAMPLE_Limited Power-of-Attorney_Overages.pdf
61.4 KB
 6C_SAMPLE_Authorization to Release Information _Overages.pdf
65.9 KB
 7_Step By Step Workflow for Mortgage Foreclosures_ADV.pdf
171 KB
 8_Skip Tracing for Overage Business_ADV.pdf
166 KB
 9_SAMPLE Call Script_Overages.pdf
90.1 KB
 10_Overage FAQs_Helpful Questions and Answers_ADV.pdf
119 KB
 11_QUICK REF_Glossary of Terms_Overage Business_ADV.pdf
144 KB
 12_Crash Course to Starting Overage Business_ADV.pdf
205 KB
 13_SAMPLE Letter_Unclaimed Funds_Initial Contact_ADV.pdf
86.5 KB
 14_BONUS_Resources for Marketing Your Business.pdf
124 KB
Editable emplates
 3_Knowledge Checklist_Overage Business_ADV.docx
27.3 KB
 4_Interviewing Lawyers for Overage Business_ADV.docx
19.3 KB
 6A_ SAMPLE_Post-Foreclosure Agreement_Overages.docx
22.7 KB
 6B_SAMPLE_Limited Power-of-Attorney_Overages.doc
47.5 KB
 6C_SAMPLE_Authorization to Release Information _Overages.docx
13.2 KB
 9_SAMPLE Call Script_Overages.docx
18.3 KB
 13_SAMPLE Letter_Unclaimed Funds_Initial Contact_ADV.doc
34.5 KB
 14_SAMPLE_Worksheet to Track Mortgage Foreclosure Leads.xlsx
194 KB

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