Ali Pashaei Mentoring – Month 01 to 08 2018


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Ali Pashaei Mentoring – Month 01 to 08 2018

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Ali Pashaei is a seasoned options trader and educator. Ali teaches two group mentoring sessions each month. Ali covers a wide variety of topics for options traders in his mentoring.

  • There is no overlap between this mentoring program and Ali’s SPY Weekly Strategy course. Two different contents.
  • The program is not just about learning new option strategies, but it also teaches tools, techniques, market timing, and options mastery skills to help you succeed in any market condition.
  • Unless you have personally done deep-dive mentoring sessions with Ali or Charles Cottle, some of the tools and techniques will probably be nothing like what you have seen elsewhere. NOTE: Ali’s trading approach is very different from Charles, but you’ll see that Ali’s thinking process and obsession with trade efficiency is highly influenced by Charles Cottle’s teaching.
  • As you go deeper into the program, you will see how both Charles and Ali think & trade very differently from most option traders and educators.
  • The program is not for beginners or those with less than 1 year of options trading experience.
  • Each month has a main theme and the following months, even though somewhat independent, build on the knowledge from prior months.
  • In addition to the main theme of the month, additional tools, techniques, and insights are also taught each month.
  • A couple of paper accounts were setup to provide near-real time trades via email notification to demonstrate the strategies, tools, and techniques. This is not meant to be a trade recommendation service. It was not designed for that. Each month, Ali focuses mostly on paper trades that demonstrate what is taught for that month. The purpose of the paper accounts is to show examples and document Ali’s thinking process to enhance the learning experience.
  • Private forums are provided for discussion for current subscribers. One of them documents each paper trade. There are other forums dedicated to other topics include student trades, that are submitted for analysis and feedback.
  • Ali provides two sessions per month that go for about 1:30. Charles also does the same for total of four sessions per month. You have the choice of having both or one of them, as a mentor. Some months may include a bonus session. For example, during Month 3, Ali did a bonus Q&A session.
  • The sessions are only one part of the program. You’ll have access to Charles and Ali via email, which as mentioned above are a huge part of the program that allow for on-going education throughout each month

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