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ATTENTION Real Estate Investors:

Ready to Advertise for Private Lenders but Hate the Thought of Having to Deal
With the SEC? Then It’s Time for You To …

Discover the Amazing System That Turns Strangers into Lenders You Know …

So That You Can Get All the Money You Need to Do the
Deals You Want!

While Staying in Complete Compliance with the SEC!

It Turns out Overcoming Private Lending’s BIGGEST Roadblock is Not as Difficult as You May Have Thought …

What roadblock am I talking about? I’m talking about finding private lenders while staying in SEC compliance, of course.

Most investors quickly realize it’s not as easy or as simple a process as they thought or hoped it would be – and this quickly leads to stress, panic and, much too often, the end of their business as they can’t find the money they need to do deals.

So, if you don’t have a large list of family, friends, and associates to tap into, how can you get the money you need to make money investing in real estate?

Well, I’ve created a system that enables you to overcome this formidable roadblock.

Now, just so you know, I’m not an attorney, nor do I provide legal advice, so I had to seek out SEC information over the years from an SEC attorney.

Through his intense research I put this system together and I realized it was exactly what my students desperately needed. To top it off — and to my knowledge — no one else is teaching this information. So this is a cutting-edge system that is extremely easy to use yet very powerful.

Introducing “The 3-Touch Rule: Prospecting For Lenders” System …

At last, there is a system that will enable you to go out and find strangers who you can raise to the level of family, friends and associates insofar as the SEC is concerned, which means you can then ask them to become private lenders to your company.

This system is ideal for all the following investors:

Those who are currently in what I like to call the “NFL” Club
NFL stands for No Friends Left – which means you’ve run out of friends and family to ask for money.
Those who have or plan on getting a PPM
Remember, even though you pay thousands for a PPM it does not clear the way for you to advertise for private lenders!
Those who need to find private lenders … FAST!
Those who have an aversion to authority figures and would prefer not to register with the SEC
Those who hate public speaking so much that 100 wild horses couldn’t drag them on stage to make a presentation to potential lenders
Now Let Me Be Clear … This Is NOT a System
For “Skirting the SEC”

The SEC and its rules are not to be abused.

Instead, my system teaches you the exact opposite – it teaches you how to behave in order to be in total compliance with the rules.

You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to raise strangers to the friends, family and associates level where you can legally ask them to be private lenders.

In creating this system, I wanted to be crystal clear on what you need to do to stay in compliance with the SEC. For example, whether you know it or not, as a real estate investor you must have a disclosure statement when you deal with private lenders.

That disclosure statement cannot be distributed at a training session to which you’ve invited potential private lenders. To do so would be in violation of the rules because that would indicate to them that you are in the business of borrowing money.

Understanding this and similar nuances is of utmost importance – and I’ve made sure that this system explains them all in a simple, easy-to-follow way so that you can get the money you need to grow your business … without having to stress and worry about getting on the SEC’s bad side.

Here Is More of What You’ll Learn With
“The 3-Touch Rule: Prospecting for Lenders Made Easy”:

The 3-Touch Rule and how to use it to raise strangers to the friends, family and associates level step by easy step!
A clean way to educate people and turn them into private lenders for your business!
How to prospect for private lenders like a seasoned pro – including how to conduct informative presentations as well as ace one-on-one meetings!
How to follow up with prospects and turn them into private lenders over time while always complying with SEC rules!
How to create educational meetings, seminars, webinars, and luncheons that will have prospects practically lining up and begging to become a private lender for your business!
How to get rid of your SEC worries once and for all and ensure you always stay in complete compliance going forward!
How to build a bridge that takes prospects from not even knowing what private lending is all the way to lending you money – quickly and legally!
And much more!
Now Here’s What You Get When You Order Today:

You get a comprehensive manual and four audios that explain the entire process to you in easy-to-understand language that breaks down and simplifies even the most complex and convoluted-sounding “government-ese” SEC language.

But with this system, you don’t just get valuable tips and information – you also get a 54-slide PowerPoint® presentation that you can use whether you’re conducting a one-on-one meeting, a group meeting, a luncheon, or a seminar at a Kiwanis Club or REIA meeting.

With these professionally-written and professionally-designed slides, you can walk anybody through the private lending presentation, even if they’ve never heard of private lending before. By the time you’re done, they should be completely receptive to the concept of diversifying some of the capital they have parked in conventional securities to something they may still consider unconventional but that they now understand.

Plus, Order Now & I’ll Include a
Special Bonus Forms Download

This valuable forms download includes:

A postcard for private lenders
A newspaper ad for private lenders
A webinar checklist
A seminar checklist
2 special reports on private lending and SEC compliance to hand out to prospective lenders
AND the complete PowerPoint® slide presentation
These forms will save you hours and hours of hard work that you would have spent creating your own materials – now you can just use my materials and get started immediately!


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