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Al Aiello - The Renaissance Goldmine Final Version

Al Aiello – The Renaissance Goldmine Final Version

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Real Estate Investors:

Are you sick & tired of:

  • Taxes eating up your income?
  • The increased chances of an expensive IRS audit?
  • Not having the right entities to protect you?
  • Wrong costly advice?

Did you know:

  • That real estate offers, by far, the greatest number of money-saving tax gems; more than any other vehicle?
  • That you can legally pay little or no taxes even with a large amount of income?
  • Most CPAs cannot help you? They know little about the incredible strategies that empower you to put a lot more cash in your pocket !!!

There is a SOLUTION!

The Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Easy-to-use software system that will dramatically increase your cash flow with the absolute best tax-saving secrets in the country!

By: Al Aiello, CPA, MS Taxation, RE Investor

The new Renaissance Goldmine leaves no stone unturned and covers the full gamut of real estate tax-saving strategies.

  • Use the right entities that save you the most taxes; is audited least by IRS; best protection from lawsuits, with the least cost & complexity.
  • Save thousands! BEWARE of Nevada rip-offs!!
  • How beginning investors can deduct RE education, travel, other expenses, even if they have not yet closed on an investment property.
  • Keep the IRS out of your life with the most POWERFUL Audit-Proofing Strategies that reduce or even eliminate your chances of an audit (despite their increase). Not only save on taxes, but also costly penalties, compound interest, high legal fees (Thousands!) – plus your valuable time (Priceless!)
  • Avoid the 80% of inept CPAs who give wrong costly advice, expose you to audits and charge high fees. How to find the good ones or do without one; save hundreds or more from overpaying in fees.
  • Double and triple depreciation deductions with Al’s dynamic componentizing (cost segregation) system, including little-known legal techniques to fully deduct real property components all in one year for big savings, without expending any cash, without IRS exposure. (This alone will enable you to pocket $1,000s!)

“Al, your component depreciation method saved me almost $20,000 dollars in income taxes in one year. It helped me financially, having four girls in college at the same time.”
Angelo D. Guerra, Broker/Owner, ERA Platinum Realtors, Conshohocken, PA

  • With Al’s proven strategies, legally transform capital improvements into fully deductible repairs for huge savings, without IRS red flags.
  • Avoid IRS disallowing interest deductions on your rental properties. These are little-known, costly traps for the investor.
  • Reap more overlooked deductions that will generate additional yearly savings, including how & where to safely claim such deductions.
  • Fully deduct property tax losses against your other income, with no limits, regardless of your income (even if over $150,000); regardless of the loss (even if over $25,000), even if you have a full time job. (Most CPAs screw this one up, costing you thousands)!
  • Fully deduct tax losses for any number of consecutive years (beyond 3) by completely side-stepping the IRS 3-out-5 year “hobby loss” limitations.
  • Discover rehab tax credits for improving historic or older properties, with such credits reducing your taxes dollar-for-dollar in your wallet, while increasing the value of the property. (Most CPAs are clueless about this bonanza).
“Al, what I great feeling to get a $190,000 rehab credit. It was like the government writing me a check for $190,000! Thank you so much.”
Bob Diamond, Attorney and National Speaker, Philadelphia, PA

More dollar-for-dollar low income housing credits to offset cash flow = tax-free income.

  • How to get these tax saving dollars now in your packet so you can have immediate use of the savings, instead of having to wait until next April 15th, or later.
  • How not to waste deductions. With these techniques you “bank” your deductions for future years (when needed), instead of losing them forever!
  • How to never pay taxes when you sell property, even if profits are huge!
  • Totally AVOID being a Dealer and prevent 50+% of your resale profits from being drained by all kinds of taxes. Like NO other resource, the Renaissance Goldmine contains over 30 proven strategies (including a little-known Supreme Court Case) to eliminate the costly impact of being a dealer, even with a large amount of flips.

Also – how to undo being a dealer.
These strategies alone can cut your taxes by 50% or more!

“My former CPA had documented (my tax returns) and portrayed my entrepreneurial endeavors as a dealer to the IRS and not that of a Real Estate Investor costing me several thousand dollars, and imminent amount of time required to correct the situation. If I had your system at the time, all this time and money expended would have been avoided! But glad I have it now!!”
Craig M. Epps, Liberty Township, Ohio 45044

  • Avoid Depreciation Recapture even with large depreciation deductions, continue to bank thousands!
  • Use the powerful 1031 Tax-Free Exchange to zero out taxes on the sale of properties and accumulate wealth; including using 1031s for quick flips (you legally can, if you know the tax law with planning).
  • How to bypass exchange deadlines and not rush into a bad deal.
  • Seller Financing Tax-Saving Strategies: Save $1,000s both as a buyer or seller!
  • Create tax-saving strategies when buying and selling “Paper.”
  • Use Lease-Options to generate hidden tax savings, including a powerful combination with a 1031 tax-free exchange
  • How to buy and sell Straight Options TAX FREE and avoid any IRS traps. You keep 100% of the profits!
  • Employ Master Leases for huge tax-free wealth with little known money saving strategies… Including, how one of Al’s students accumulated over $4,000,000, TAX FREE, in his IRA! (Don’t even bother to ask your CPA about this one!)
  • The incredible Self Directed IRA for totally tax free real estate transactions, including how to take out tax-free and penalty free cash out of an IRA. Avoid costly self-dealing penalties.
  • How your IRA can lend to buyers of your properties so you can cash out with no banks and even combine with a 1031 exchange ! (This is an incredible money-saving bonanza no one is teaching!!)
  • Discover other great ways to reduce or eliminate taxes on property sales.
  • Avoid or reduce paying AMT (alternative minimum tax), a real tax nemesis!
“Al, because of your Goldmine we got an unexpected refund of $14,000 from deductions that we used to offset against our W-2 income and took us out of AMT. For next year we can drastically cut our withholding and increase our cash flow by about a $1,000.00 a month. Thanks”
Bob O’Brien, RPO Properties, LLC, Austin, TX
  • 30+ Dynamic Year-End Strategies before December 31 for the current year (even at the 11th hour), that most CPAs never even think of recommending.
  • MUCH MORE…to save you money!


The Hundreds of Strategies in this System are Fully Backed-Up by an Arsenal of Tax Law Cites and Decades of Precedent in Understandable Language


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