Adi-da – Self Understanding And Divine Communion


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Adi-da – Self Understanding And Divine Communion

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About Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

From the moment of His Avataric birth (in New York, on November 3, 1939), Adi Da Samraj was consciously aware of His native Divine Condition: the Condition of everyone and everything. As soon as He became able to use language, He gave this Condition a simple but very descriptive Name- the “Bright”. At two years of age, Adi Da Samraj spontaneously decided to relinquish His constant enjoyment of the “Bright” out of what He describes as a “painful loving”, a sympathy for the suffering and ignorance of human beings. Avatar Adi Da confesses that He chose to “Learn Man”- to pass through all of the “ordinary” human limitations and presumptions that people suffer, and also to pass through the entire spectrum of “extraordinary” spiritual phenomena that people can seek and attain- in order to discover how to draw human beings into the “Bright” Divine Condition that He knew as His own True State and the True State of everyone.

In His spiritual autobiography, The Knee Of Listening, Avatar Adi Da recounts this amazing and heroic ordeal of submitting utterly to every aspect and stage of human experience: both high and low in the spectrum of human possibility. In 1970, at 30 years of age, Avatar Adi Da finally Re-Awakened permanently to the “Bright”, and embarked upon the second great purpose of His Incarnation- the process of “Teaching Man”.

In the 30 years since He began teaching Avatar Adi Da Samraj has communicated a vast store of Wisdom. He has published well over 60 books and given thousands of discourses on every subject that impinges on human and spiritual understanding: from the most ordinary and mundane to the most sacred and esoteric. Adi Da’s unique Wisdom-Teaching has inspired the formation of schools, clinics, artisans guilds, and retreat sanctuaries, as well as an international network of communities devoted to the spiritual practice that He has outlined.

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