Adam Wheeler – The Greco Blueprint


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Adam Wheeler – The Greco Blueprint

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The Complete Guide To Greco Roman Wrestling Success That Anyone Can Use

Throw Your Next Opponent For A Loop With These Iron-Clad Techniques From 2008 Olympic Medalist Adam Wheeler

Now is your chance to dominate the upper body and win with clean Greco Roman wrestling technique.

Wrestle the upper body and attack with these takedown and throwing concepts that will let you launch solid offense from tons of positions

Finish matches with these pinning combinations that can rack up big points fast.

Volume 1


Warmup Concepts

Pummeling Drills and Warmups

Greco Arm Throw

Greco Head And Arm Throw

Greco Hip Throw

Back Step Concept

Greco Body Lock Throw

Slide By

Two On One Series

Two On One Basic Arm Drag

Two On One Advanced Arm Drag

Two On One Arm Drag to Front Headlock

Slide By From Two On One

Two On One Reach Around Go Behind

Two On One to Wheeler Whip Throw

Front Headlock Series

Front Headlock Option A

Front Headlock Option B

Front Headlock Option C

Front Headlock Option D

Volume 2

Gut Wrench Series

Establishing A Grip For The Gut Wrench

High Gut Wrench

Mid Gut Wrench

Low Gut Wrench

Gut Wrench Defense Concepts

Lift Series

Traditional Straight Lift

Reverse Lift

Reverse Lift Tilt

Bonus Technique

Wheeler Reverse Front Headlock

Partner Body Weight Strength Series

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