Adam Hsu – Tan Tui Northern Shaolin


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Adam Hsu – Tan Tui Northern Shaolin

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In this single disk presentation Adam Hsu deals with a question that troubles many martial students. Why can’t they fight their forms? What is the secret of unlocking the applications of a classical form?

From the point of view of a life spent teaching Chinese martial arts, Sifu Hsu has observed that the ability to adapt, to change up, to recombine is missing from most students’ experiences.

This DVD featuring both demonstration and lecture starts with some small additions to the regular Tan Tui form, such as special steps, which instantly add a dimension of reality. Angular movements are also introduced into this typically linear form. Then, for a real challenge, the order of the roads is altered in a series of variations, exposing the core meaning of the form while simultaneously transforming it into an entirely new and flexible series of movements.

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Modern, over-simplified training gives the impression that such essential, creative approaches are forbidden. As Sifu Adam Hsu so clearly exhibits, nothing could be further from the truth .

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