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Aaron Sansoni – Entrepreneurs Academy
Price: $997
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A limited number of entrepreneurs will discover the proven tools and strategies to double, triple or even quadruple their business, all for only a few dollars a month…
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This Isn’t Why You Started
There’s nothing more energising than launching a new business. 12 hour days are nothing, staring at a computer for 5-6 straight hours or spending an entire day in the office is easy, and you shoot down “teething issues” tirelessly.
But when you’re trying to “grind” your way towards business success, the never-ending frustrations and roadblocks eventually wear you down.
Long days turn into sleepless nights. Every missed sale is another dollar you have to find somewhere else. And outside your stuttering business, the life you temporarily put “on hold” starts to crumble.
You didn’t start this just to work like a dog, scarcely able to pay the bills and eke out a meagre living.
You had much grander hopes and dreams. Maybe…
• You wanted to earn millions and retire early
• You wanted to build an empire that spanned the world
• Or you simply wanted to be your own boss, with a thriving little business that let you live the lifestyle you dreamed of
But then reality set in: sluggish sales, unexpected obstacles and stubbornly slow growth, all shattered the fantasy.
Looking For The “Edge”: The Traps Snaring Entrepreneurs In Their Frantic Search for Success
  • Trial and Error: testing unproven sales, marketing or operations techniques can deliver a rare good result, but it’s excruciatingly slow with absolutely no guarantees.
  • Spray and Pray: trying every trick and tip you’ve heard on your business ( and often at the same time), which is a recipe for jumbled systems, daily chaos and endless frustration.
  • Analysis Paralysis: planning for everything usually means you end up doing nothing. Business success relies on both planning AND action.
  • Flavour of the Month: jumping on whatever tactic or trend is popular without understanding it is the “go to” move for thousands of frustrated small businesses.

The One Thing Successful Business

Owners Have That You Don’t…
In the constant pursuit of business growth, this is something that most entrepreneurs never even think of.
Those who do try to find it in the wrong places, like a local meet-up or on LinkedIn.
This single biggest difference that separates the successful entrepreneurs from the struggling: a mentor.
There are dozens of high-profile examples. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Tony Robbins all had mentors to fast-track their rise to the top.
With an “inside line” to the best direction and advice an entrepreneur can get, these business leaders slammed down the accelerator pedal to build unrivalled empires.
Of course, only a small few are able to spend the thousands (or even millions) that these people charge for their mentoring.
However, today, you become one of those few. You get the mentor to catapult your business towards goals you thought were out of reach, without paying the astronomic fees that so many others do.
Introducing Entrepreneurs Academy: The “Mentorship” That Doesn’t Cost A Fortune

Aaron Sansoni is a business coach and trainer who’s helped thousands multiply their income, launch booming businesses from Day 1, and find sales and revenue where everyone else has failed. Today, he becomes YOUR mentor.

Through the Academy, he gives you and a select number of fellow entrepreneurs the direction to steer your business towards levels of growth and success you’ve only imagined.
Here’s how it works.
Over the next year, you get “deep dive” training from Aaron Sansoni himself. Each month, you concentrate on transforming a different part of your business (like sales, marketing or strategy) before moving onto the next.
• Video modules, both custom-made for the Academy and from Aaron Sansoni’s other premium training (that usually costs $5,000+)
• Written resources to support the videos and reinforce the lessons
• Case studies that show you first-hand how to use what you’re learning, along with the surprising results you can get
• Tools and downloadables you can use to apply your new skills
Sales and Persuasion
Learn to develop a bulletproof sales process with dialogue and material that will have leads convert consistently to customers that are desperate to work with you.
Marketing and Branding
Understand and use the secrets to build an attraction brand and marketing campaigns that are magnets to your ideal customer and help you scale fast and profitably.
Operations and Strategy
Don’t allow yourself to be trapped inside your own business, learn to build processes and systems that automate operations and allow for strategic growth and improvements.
Health and Mindset
Learn to become the master of your mind and body, achieve more in less time, feel confident in yourself on a daily basis and become a high-performance entrepreneur.
Leadership and Management
Successful businesses require a strong and capable leader that can hire, develop and motivate employees and contractors to perform at their best for you and your customer base.
Planning and Goal Setting
Nobody can reach a moving goal, learn to develop achievable but challenging goals, remain accountable and focus on specific outcomes that will drive growth for your business.
Members receive exclusive access to
  • Over 60+ Lessons on Sales and Business Success
  • Exclusive Implementation Case Studies that demonstrate the lessons in action
  • Access to Exclusive Quarterly Livestream with Aaron Sansoni
  • Access to Secret Monthly Memo from Aaron Sansoni
  • Access to Private Membership Content Vault
What Other Entrepreneurs Have Achieved With Aaron…
“…We accelerated our business from under $600K to nearly $1M in only 12 months.”
“I don’t have any worries about money anymore, because Aaron has taught me how to keep it rolling in…”
“…Catapulted to more than $500,000 in gross commissions earned for the year.”
“Aaron has helped us reach heights in our business that we never thought were possible…”
Meet Your Mentor
Aaron Sansoni Isn’t Your Everyday “Guru”.
Aaron Sansoni, the man who built an EMPIRE. He is an international speaker, best-selling author and recent nominee for Australian of the Year 2017 and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016.
Aaron has shared the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferris. In addition to inspiring thousands of entrepreneur worldwide, Aaron’s venture capital company has interest in sectors from tech to media and retail. Aaron has truly reached the peak of entrepreneurial achievement.
But of all his phenomenal accomplishments, Aaron gets most excited about helping business owners and entrepreneurs find success. Whether it’s through his best-selling books such as “Think Like” or jam-packed live training events, Aaron continues to inspire over two million people with his results in coaching, training and mentoring.
Bonus #1: Secret Monthly Memo 
($1,995 Value)
You know that in business, things move fast.
By the time you’ve mastered a particular skill or strategy, it’s almost out-dated. That’s why Aaron’s committed to ensuring you stay on top of what’s working in the fast-changing world of business.
Each month, you’ll receive a video memo from Aaron Sansoni on the latest tools, tips and tactics he and his consulting clients use to attract customers, multiply revenue and build their business empire.

Bonus #2: Quarterly Livestreams with Aaron Sansoni

($4,995 Value)

When it comes to business consulting, Aaron charges thousands per hour — and gets it.

But as a Founding Member of the Entrepreneurs Academy, you get direct access to Aaron without paying an extra cent.
Over four live webinars through the year, you can ask burning questions, find out more about what’s working (and what’s not) from Aaron, and get an accountability check to keep you on-track with your business growth and goals.

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